Autoclave Aerated Concrete(AAC) Blocks

Aero Lite AAC blocks is an endeavor towards building an eco-conscious society where nature and future can grow harmoniously.

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Light Weight

Aero Bricks AAC density is about one-fifth of the normal concrete blocks, making it easy to handle.

Thermal Insulation

Aero Bricks AAC’s excellent thermal insulation properties result in improved comfort level and saves heating and cooling costs.


Aero Bricks AAC helps to reduce at least 30% of the environmental waste, decrease 50% of greenhouse radiation and over 60% integrated energy on the surface brick.

Water Resistant

Aero Brick AAC contains millions of closed microscopic cells which strongly resist moisture from passing through.

Sound Insulation

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Easy To Handle

Aero Bricks AAC can easily be sawn, carved, nailed or drilled using ordinary hand tools.

Fire Resistant

More superior than traditional masonry for products with fire resistant up to 4 hours for a nominal block of thickness 100mm.

Material & Time Saving

Speed and ease of installation result in cost saving compared to traditional masonry construction.

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Aero Bricks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) Blocks
Aero Bricks Company Pvt. Ltd. is an endeavor towards building an eco-conscious society where nature and future can grow harmoniously. Modern day construction practices take many points in to consideration. While aesthetic and strength are the prime factors, products are also judged on the attributes such as light weightEarthquake ResistantFire ResistantThermal InsulationSound ResistantSafety
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Red Clay Bricks Against AAC Blocks

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Red Clay Bricks

  • Density: 1600-1800 kg/m3
  • Compressive Strength: 2.5-3 NKg/m2
  • Fire Resistant: 120-180 mins (Max.)
  • Thermal Insulation: 0.8 W/m2k
  • Sound Reduction: 50 for 230mm thick wall
  • Cost Benefit: None
  • Breakage: 20-30%
  • Size Variations: 5mm(+/-)

AAC Blocks

  • Density: 550-700 kg/m3
  • Compressive Strength: 3-4 NKg/m2
  • Fire Resistant: 240-360 mins (Max.)
  • Thermal Insulation: 0.16 W/m2k
  • Sound Reduction: 45 for 200mm thick wall
  • Cost Benefit: Savings in Steel & Concrete
  • Breakage: Less than 5%
  • Size Variations: 1.5mm(+/-)

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